IYN Devlog #11: Itch Page, Music, Etc.

Updates about the Itch.io page, our new composer, and progress on the DTWM fanpack


7/18/20223 min read

It's that day again! And this time the first blog on this website for real since now the website has been up for a couple weeks.

First obvious update, I finished setting up the itch.io page for In Your Nature! You can't actually download anything there despite what the button says but it will be where the demo and then complete game are hosted, so check it out for all the finished screenshots!

In order to take those screenshots I also completed the basic GUI for both regular dialogue and dialogue over CGs. Big thanks to Feniks and Cygni from the DevTalk Discord for helping me fix some problems I was having with the text again, haha. The rest of the menus still need to be customized but the dialogue GUI being ready means I can start coding in the already finished scripts for the demo.

Some more good news, In Your Nature officially has a composer! So check out Waffle's work and look forward to hearing some no doubt great tracks from him. I'm still getting together some reference stuff so that he can start on the theme but then we'll be right on track for some sweet tunes.

Only a small update on the wordcount with 1k toward Oleander's route but I'm expecting things to stall a bit as I focus a little more on art stuff for the demo, such as finishing the basic character sprites.

I've finally decided I'll just be using a similar background style to what I used in Don't Toy With Me with some minor changes to help fit the setting a little better. There's always the possibility I'll come back later and add some more detail but since I'm a solo artist on this project, I've got to be a little practical with my time for now. Easier to go back and improve than it is to get time back wasted over-polishing a background when something else could have used that time more, heh. It's a lot of art and I'm planning it out to hopefully keep a maintainable pace on it.

And speaking of art...

The fanpack is still underway. All items are sketched save for the stickers which are complete! The stickerpack will include 4 stickers for each of the three characters, with a fullsize version and two folders of pre-shrunk versions for Discord and Telegram use to make it a little easier for people to upload to their own servers/sticker packs.

I've done a little planning for the direction to take the Happy Route as well. It's hard to talk about without spoiling so we'll just say I did a little outlining and hope to make it a satisfying ending for everyone who's been waiting for it, haha.

Someone recently asked about it on Tumblr so I thought it was worth mentioning here, as it's something I would like to have written before I put the game on Steam. Since I already have backgrounds and sprites from the rest of the game to use, it's more a matter of writing and CGs. But I don't want to overwhelm myself trying to do everything at once so I'll say as far as expectations go, the fanpack will be out on Itch.io first, then later I'll work on the Happy Route, and after that it will go on Steam.

That's all for this update! Thanks for taking the time to read and see you again next blog day a couple weeks from now!