About the Developer

The Karmic Punishment mascot, Devi, peeking through a circle.

Karmic Punishment is actually the branding of a solo developer: Me! Karma.

I'm a long time reader of visual novels looking to tell more stories that I would like to read myself. Horror has always been one of my favorite genres and so I'm drawn to writing it myself, with a focus on character driven stories.

While I still enjoy a lot of the classic visual novels that got me hooked on the format when I was younger, I hope to be part of the changing landscape of indie visual novel developers.

As an aromantic asexual, I want to contribute more LGBT+ characters in stories where romance isn't the focus. I want to see more physically and culturally diverse characters you wouldn't see in the old school Japanese VN scene. And I want to carve out my own niche with my own writing style and brand of horror.

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