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Dahlia has lived alone in the Dollhouse for years. One day you decide to give her a new friend. But what will happen if you decide to play favorites?

A gif from the visual novel Don't Toy With Me showing Huxley's spring bounce animation
A gif showing various screenshots from the Don't Toy With Me visual novel
An image from Don't Toy With Me of Dahlia holding a knife

For a long time now, Dahlia has lived by herself in the Dollhouse with only the stuffed rabbit Wisker for company.

One day the owner of the toys decides to present her with a new companion, a sad clown puppet named Huxley. She's delighted for the company but, as the owner soon realizes, it's not so simple to introduce a new friend to the household.

What happens when you play favorites? Are you really in control of the Dollhouse? Or are the toys about to get out of hand?

  • 15k word story

  • 4 Endings

  • Body horror imagery of non-human characters

  • 11 CGs plus variations to collect

  • Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

  • Free to play

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The character Dahlia from Don't Toy With Me in her purple gothic lolita inspired clothes

Original resident of the Dollhouse, Dahlia shares a close bond with the owner. Given that she doesn't get much communication from her current housemate, Wisker, she's eager to make a new friend.

Huxley from Don't Toy With Me featuring his jester costume and spring

A sad clown puppet with a lot of bad past experiences, Huxley is a little closed off to the idea of new friends. He wants to be respected and given choices. But deep down, he also years to be cared about.

Wisker from Don't Toy With Me pictured as a cute rabbit

A small plush rabbit who has lived with Dahlia for some time now. His mouth doesn't actually open, only decoratively stitched on. He tends to express his opinions through his very emotive ears instead of words.

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