This page is for the most common questions I get on social media about my games and development. Just skip down to whatever section or game you're looking for information for to see if your question has been answered here!


Q: Can I make fanart / fanfiction / fancharacters / AUs / ask blogs / RP your game characters / use your game art for fan activity on social media?

A: Yes! When I publish a game, I expect it to be treated like any other media people are fans of. Just know this doesn’t apply to characters on my personal art blogs. Visual Novel characters are fair game!

Q: Do you have a Discord server? Will you ever make one?

A: Nope! I have really bad anxiety and am not interested in running any sort of community that would require moderating.

Q: Do you have merch of [any of my games]?

A: I want to open a RedBubble but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Physical merchandise also requires having money upfront to purchase stock with and I don’t know yet what the demand would be for that. If you’re just looking to support the games, consider paying for them on Itch.io! If you want goodies of your favorite characters, hopefully I can offer them someday!

Q: Will [insert game] ever be available on Steam?

A: It currently costs $100 USD to submit a single title to Steam. I can only justify posting commercial releases or free games that have optional content to purchase. I hope to add Don’t Toy With Me once the optional fanpack is ready and the Good Route is done.

Q: Will [insert game] ever be available on Consoles?

A: That’s the dream! But porting costs a lot of money as no console natively supports Ren'Py games, the engine I make my games with. I may contact a rev-share porting company for my commercial releases.

Q: Do you take commissions?

A: Nope! I only take them in extremely limited circumstances as I’m easily overwhelmed.

Q: Are you hiring?

A: I don’t have funding for my games so for the most part I make everything myself or buy stock assets. If I am ever looking to pay for custom work, I will post about it with my budget and the scope of the assets in mind.

Q: What do you make your games with?

A: All assets are drawn in Clip Studio Paint EX. All coding is done in Ren'Py. Some of my old projects were made with TyranoBuilder. It’s a great program for making a short practice game you won’t spend more than a couple weeks on. But it’s very glitchy! If you’re ready for longer projects, I strongly encourage you to learn Ren'Py!

Q: Will your games ever be in my language?

A: Translations are extremely expensive and I have no way of checking the accuracy of them as I only speak English. I highly encourage fan-translations! I can’t vouch for any of them specifically but I do plan to offer a Fan-Patch language button in my releases from now on to make it easier for people to use the translations that people do make for my games.

Don't Toy With Me

General | Don't Toy With Me | In Your Nature | Tentador Leches

Q: What are the toys’ pronouns?

A: Huxley (He/Him), Dahlia (She/Her), Wisker (He/It/Any)

Q: What are the toys’ sexualities?

A: I tend to deliberately avoid answering this question since people had many headcanons about this before the first time it was asked of me. The game includes no references to sexuality so think of them as you like! I wrote them without one in mind anyway.

Q: How old are the toys?

A: Dahlia and Wisker are based off of toys dating back to the late Victorian era. Huxley’s design is based on clown and harlequin toys from the 70’s onward but could be compared to even older toys such as Mr. Punch. Though not aging in the human sense, all of the toys are adults.

Q: Is the Good Route done yet?

A: Not yet! I’m taking a break from it until I can get back into the right headspace to write for it. I’m working on another short project in the mean time.

Q: Will we ever get a sequel?

A: I intentionally wrote this story to be fairly conclusive. Even if I did a Don’t Toy With Me 2, it would be a sort of spin-off situation rather than a direct continuation of Huxley and Dahlia’s story.

Q: How do the toys eat?

A: Through the power of pretend! They physically don’t need to eat. It’s just in their instincts to behave like living things.

Q: I think [insert something about the way the toys live] doesn’t make sense!

A: Fair enough! The story is about living toys and concepts of control / loss of control. I didn’t think it very important to make every aspect of their life logically sound. Only things that were important to the story.

In Your Nature

Q: When will this game release?

A: Under ideal circumstances, I want to get it done in time to release during Autumn 2023.

Q: What will it cost?

A: I’m aiming for about $15 but will determine the final price when it’s closer to completion.

Q: What sort of horror content will it include?

A: There are themes of small town crime, serial killers, cannibalism, stalkers, psychological horror around paranoia and trauma. It won’t be a gorefest but there will be some gruesome scenes. There will also be some suggestive dialogue. My plans are to keep it no worse than what you might find in an R-rated movie or a Dangan Ronpa game.

Tentador Leches

Q: Why is this game so vague?

A: It was actually made for a roleplay group I was in at the time! I posted it expecting nobody would play it but just so that I had an example of a finished VN project under my belt before making Don’t Toy With Me. I would have deleted / privated it by now except that it unexpectedly got a following. It’s a game not really made with a public audience in mind with only about two weeks of work behind it.

Q: Will you ever add more to Tentador Leches?

A: I can say for sure I won’t be doing anything else with the game. The intent behind it had been to spend 2 weeks making a game to better learn TyranoBuilder and to share it with the roleplay group I was in so there isn’t much else to add. I also don’t have access to the original files anymore, so it really is just “as-is”.

Q: Will you ever make more media with Koolie?

A: Maybe one day! He’s one of my recurring RP characters and has been in many AU’s. If I ever make another game with him, it will be of his canon version, Koolie Starchild. His canon version involves aliens and being a cult leader, so it would have almost nothing in common with Tentador Leches except his personality being relatively close to as it is presented in that game. I don’t have any immediate plans for more Koolie content.

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