Would you befriend your stalker...
...In order to avoid a killer?

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The Story

Fawn lives a simple life in the small town she grew up in; Walnut Park. She works at the local flower shop, she spends time with her best friend, and other than that she keeps to herself. Until one day she learns something terrible from an old classmate that frequently visits her at work.

They've been watching her.

For no small amount of time.

They never planned to tell her. But something urgent has made it necessary.

They witnessed a masked man trying to break into her home to wait for her.

The realization of a stalker is horrific enough for Fawn. But why is this man after her? And who can she trust with this information beyond her now revealed stalker?

Fawn Darlington

A shy and eccentric woman who has lived in Walnut Park her entire life. Many of her friends and family have moved on from the small town but she maintains a close relationship with her best friend Lily. She is kind but her anxiety brings her to keep most people at arm's length. She would have never guessed her strange admirer was actually stalking her.

Oleander "Odd" Yang

Also known to the residents of Walnut Park as "Odd", Oleander is something of an enigma. Their reckless behavior and awkward attitude towards others has given them a negative reputation. They frequently visit the flower shop to see Fawn. While she is always nice to them, they are somewhat intimidated by her friend, Lily.

Lily Rivera

Walnut Park's resident Cool Girl and alternative fashion expert, Lily is the picture of confidence. She believes strongly in the philosophy of being kind to others, but allowing none to be unkind to her. Or unkind to her best friend. Fawn describes her as "tough" but she disagrees. She just wishes Fawn knew how to stick up for herself.

Dill "Pickles" Perkins

Owner of Perkins' Plants, Pickles is Fawn and Lily's boss. He's known for his friendly attitude and general enthusiasm for all things floral. Eager to please but timid toward conflict, he keeps his social circle very small. Fawn and Lily are very important to him, and he's happy to help whenever either of them need anything.

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