Updates, Social Media, and a Hiatus

So how bout them twitterfires huh?


11/21/20220 min read

DTWM Progress First!

Heya! Looks like I missed another update last blog day. I wanted to give you guys some info on what I've been up to but the main purpose of this particular devlog is to let everyone know I'll be taking a hiatus on devlogs specifically for a little while. Until I have a major update on DTWM to release or other big news anyway.

While most of the irl business I mentioned in previous updates has been resolved, I do have the holidays to contend with now and to be completely honest I'm in the middle of a low swing. Depression comes with its own highs and lows and while sometimes I can use my work to distract myself, this is looking like a less than productive low.

But! I do have some progress to present since the last time I posted.

At the beginning of the month I did try to use NaNoWriMo to encourage myself to get back on the writing wagon, and it worked for about five days. Because of this, I was able to write up 520 words toward In Your Nature and a chunky 1.7k toward Don't Toy With Me.

I've also been slowly making progress on little things like background edits, fixing unreleased CGs, thumbnailing for the last couple of CGs needed, and starting to work on a couple of new poses/expressions I'll need for this new route.

Devlog Hiatus and Depression vs. Creating

I'm still having some trouble with my artwork like I had mentioned before. It's possible it's just me being harder on myself than usual since I have let flaws go in the past when adding things to the game. Either way, it's just another aspect of it that's making it difficult to get things done.

That's an issue everyone has from time to time though, depression or not. Art can be frustrating even when you know finishing it will feel rewarding.

But that's another reason I'd like to take a hiatus from posting my devlogs. When I'm doing well, they're something that helps me keep on track and lets me gauge the speed of my progress. But other times they're surprisingly stressful! Realizing I missed the update on the 6th made me want to give up and I planned for days afterward to post the update late until it had gone on so long there wasn't really a point haha. It's a terrible habit of mine, to stress myself into feeling too paralyzed to act.

I guess my main point in including this section is to explain that this hiatus is only for the devlog and is to help me have one less thing weighing on my mind while I'm working on my projects. Small things add up so until I'm back on top of things, I'd rather just post bite-sized updates on my social media and not have to worry about the blog.

And speaking of social media...

Artist Twitter is in Shambles!

Yeah, there's really no getting around talking about this one!

Twitter folks are jumping ship left and right and even though there's a good chance the site will still be around for a good while, some of you might already be wanting off this ride. And because of that, I thought I'd remind everybody of all the different places you can find my visual novel stuff.

Currently twitter has the most followers only second to my Itch.io so I'll definitely still be using it. I recommend following my itch.io regardless so that you'll be alerted to updates and new games I post.

Tumblr is the closest to my twitter, with small art updates and the ability to answer asks. I know a lot of people are going there so consider checking it out!

And Instagram is sadly a little neglected as honestly I hate using it. But it is what it is and some people prefer a mobile-specific platform to follow! So I still post there whenever I have a devlog to share or some big art developments like new CGs.

That's all for now. I hope you follow me on one of these other platforms. Otherwise, I'll see you in a while in the next devlog when my hiatus ends.

See ya!