Cockroach Boy Devlog #1

A brief update on my absence and the current project.


10/9/20220 min read

Wow, a month disappeared!

Those who follow me on twitter probably already know this but at the beginning of last month, I caught Covid, along with everyone else in my household. Not fun! And aside from wiping out about ten (or more) days of the month feeling horridly sick, it also completely destroyed my focus on my projects and my forward progress on them.

So I've missed Spooktober again but I do want to still put something out for Halloween regardless. I almost switched projects at the end of last month in the hopes of it renewing my ability to make progress but I did still manage to sit down and do writing for Cockroach boy. I've just changed my plans a bit.

Currently Cockroach Boy sits at almost 2k words. I don't plan for it to be longer than 5k. It's going to be in a similar layout to Tentador Leches (a 2 week project VN from a couple years ago on my account) in that it will mostly be a single dialogue tree type encounter with a single character, leading to different outcomes based on how the conversation goes.

I'm still going to be experimenting with animated sprites with very limited frames. Not every one will be animated but since I have only two characters to worry about, I feel I can keep this aspect in.

I was originally considering trying out doing the backgrounds with gouache paints as I've just recently gotten a set and I've been enjoying learning to work with it but that really hasn't been turning out. Which is fine, that's just how it goes sometimes haha. I'll just have to do it digitally like usual and keep improving before I can use traditionally painted images in my games.

I'd really like to get this game done in the next couple weeks but I'd be happy just to have it done before Halloween. I'm reluctant to put a harder deadline than that on it since there's been a lot going on with my family lately and I'm still struggling with creating things even though I recovered from Covid weeks ago.

Anyway, hoping for a more image heavy update next devlog day! I'll be back on my normal blog schedule so long as nothing else catastrophic happens, haha.

See ya next devlog day!